Legendary Tales

The dead walk

After being imprisoned for kidnap. The group were greeted by a new addition to the town. A Dwarf who’s temper is as foul as his mouth, with an equally large taste for drink…The dwarf, who will remain nameless for now, was asked to rescue the group by the bar keep at the inn, due to the loss of business felt in their absence. Upon rescuing the group, He joined with them in stopping the priest Roderick with the promise of great booty from the church coffers.

Whilst imprisoned, the town was being overrun by zombies from the graveyard. After attempting to make their way to the church to confront Roderick they ran into a great mass of zombies who seemed tasked with their destruction. After being chased back to the inn, they prepared for a siege. They were able to find a stash of highly explosive and flammable dwarven spirit known to other common races as the dwarven skull fucker. They used this to create a stash of molotov cocktails with which they attempted to destroy the undead from the rooftop. There were to many however and the zombies were able to break in. They were saved at last by the captain of the guard and his band of soldiers who were able to mount a rear guard action against the undead. The battle was looking grim on the inside of the inn however as the undead were overwhelming the guards on the inside. Eventually the group decided to use the fire bombs inside the inn which they knew would course the inns destruction but would destroy the remainder of the zombies.

After their escape had been mounted through the rear of the building and as the inn burned, the captain of the guard spoke with the group exonerating them from guilt in regards to kidnapping the grave digger as new information had come to light regarding Roderick and how he came to power in the town. He asked them to take care of him and put an end to this madness.


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