Legendary Tales

Among the living

Session took place on the 23/02/2017.

The party met gained a new member today, Apache. Little is known about this individual other than he has had a troubled upbringing. The party will be hoping to get to know him better over the next few weeks. Nym and Elrond continued on their quest to find out what is going on with the undead. This lead them to infiltrate a meeting between the High Council of hearth in an effort to track down the priest Roderick and to ascertain what his motives are. After the meeting concluded they attempted to track down the priest and his bodyguard but were waylaid by a group of assailants who attacked them with cloak and dagger. The party managed to fight of the attackers, and upon further inspection they discovered that the acolytes maintained the same iconography that Roderick displayed and are most likely in league..


danieljessejamesgriffin danieljessejamesgriffin

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